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GLAMPING SKIES emerges from the owner's intention to make adjustments to the landscape architecture of the tourist development located in Vale Vilheira, Estremoz. The client aims to provide accommodation services in the form of a Glamping site, specifically catering to retreat-style camping focused on meditation and contemplation of nature. It's noteworthy that the main building of the previously proposed development remains unchanged. The project is envisioned as "A white cloud in the middle of the valley." This designation arises from the development of an architectural element that positions itself as the top of the valley, the place closest to the sky, embodying the simplicity of natural geometric forms, reminiscent of the simplicity and sometimes minimalism of a cloud in the Alentejo landscape. The project is guided by the principle that "Man interacts with the environment through perception, memory, affectivity, and thought. This interaction results from direct contact, sight, smell, sound, touch, which influences, among others, our well-being and appropriation of space." Thus, the goal is to use the senses to create an atmosphere that provides a sense of well-being and facilitates the appropriation of space. The belief is that architecture can use the senses as raw material to create atmospheres and different ways of experiencing space. By utilizing the senses, the project aims to connect the various physical, intellectual, and emotional dimensions of the interaction between humans and the environment. The intervention seeks to "rehabilitate and requalify the environmental and natural space, with the aim of creating a concept of camping with lower density and territorial occupation, focusing on the quality of space/environment and leisure time." The project also aims to maintain the initial concept of "creating an atmosphere and comfort capable of simultaneously fostering uninhibited and welcoming interaction between the individual and Nature" and ensuring that the "balance" of interventions possesses "a relationship characterized by continuous dynamics.


Location: Estrada Nacional 372, Veiros, Estremoz
Status: Concluído
Year: 2020
Client: A Essência do Meio, Lda
Area: 20 500 m2
Topographic Survey: Joaquim Vieira
Architecture: MA Arquitectos
Landscape Architecture: Álvaro Manso
Specialties: ENGLISPLAN
Construction Work: FCM