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The Porta 32 is a redevelopment of an existing T3 (three-bedroom) apartment located in Alvalade, Lisbon.
The project is guided by the concept of "simple and lightweight."
The narrative developed for the building consists of the articulation between two distinct temporalities, exploring the preexistence of the object while simultaneously introducing a contemporary language and atmosphere through simplicity.
By interpreting the existing architectural object, we aimed to redesign the interior by preserving essential elements and adding new elements with simple lines. The project is based on the principle of creating consensus, fostering a dialogue between the two temporalities. This dialogue is materialized through the simplification of the existing building and the occasional introduction of elements with contemporary lines. The goal is to blur the boundaries between the interior and the surrounding exterior, taking advantage of and working with natural light as the raw material of architecture. This approach reveals the sculptural plasticity of the interior spaces and serves as a unifying element.


Location: Av. Estados Unidos da América, Lisboa
Status: Ongoing
Year: 2022
Client: Private
Area: 127,25m2
Architectural Survey: MA Arquitetos
Architecture: MA Arquitetos
3D Visualization: MA Arquitetos