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The project is conceptually based on an 'outgoing residence,' in the sense that, whenever possible, it engages with the Terrugem valley, creating a visual continuity that guides us over it. Simultaneously, the interaction with its courtyards seeks to convey the same, treating the garden and its exterior as a 'canvas' throughout the residence's activities.
The intention is to soften the boundaries between the interior and the surrounding exterior, leveraging natural light as the raw material of Architecture and revealing the sculptural plasticity of interior spaces, serving as a unifying element.
The structure emerges as a 'box,' sculpted and shaped to create the succession of spaces that unfolds, from its entrance to the areas of stay and rest.
The organization of spaces results from concentrating private activities, maximizing the areas intended for social activities.
The visual communication between the various spaces of the house promotes interaction among users, perceiving them as a unified whole.
The single-family residential building consists of one unit, with a T5 typology across three floors. It is organized in a clear manner, allowing for a smooth transition between exterior and interior. The interior is divided into three distinct zones: the entrance and technical area, the social space with kitchen/living room, and the private zone with bedrooms and bathrooms. The building and its layout prioritize solar exposure in all spaces. Light colors and the use of glass elements enable light permeability with directed and controlled illumination.


Location: Vale da Terrugem, Sete Chaves, Oeiras
Status: Ongoing
Year: 2023
Area: 547.60 m2
Topographic Survey: Carlos Ferreira
Architecture: MA Arquitetos
Specialties: ENGISTEP E PCO
3D Visualization: MA Arquitetos